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How can an ice plant save electricity?
Source: 2018-10-19 10:08:12
I. Formulate a reasonable unit power consumption assessment index
Professional large-scale ice-making factories generally develop a power consumption assessment index based on historical production performance. In normal production management and equipment operation, large-scale ice-making plants should use electricity consumption assessment indicators to make electricity use. In daily production, the evaporation temperature cannot be reduced in order to shorten the icing time, and the high power consumption is exchanged for high daily output, which makes it easy to make the power consumption exceed the standard, which is not conducive to saving electricity.
Second, we must adhere to the "big pool, multi-barrel, high temperature, slow freezing" policy
The insistence of the above guidelines on large-scale ice-making plants is equivalent to balancing the relationship between production, icing time and unit power consumption. At the same time, this policy is also a powerful measure for balancing the relationship between good transportation costs and infrastructure investment in large-scale ice-making plants. The ice plant should select the best operating procedures in production and strictly implement the above guidelines.
Third, evenly hang the ice, do the salt water control
In order to reduce power consumption, large ice-making plants must standardize the operation of the ammonia refrigeration system to achieve uniform ice icing and strictly control the concentration of brine and temperature flow rate. Do diligent inspection, strict inspection, multi-adjustment, dilute oil and air, clean the condenser at any time, and achieve the maximum reduction of unit power consumption in improving power factor.
Evaporation area and condensing area through reasonable price are also one of the important measures for ice-making power saving in large ice-making factories. At the same time, the unit can also improve the energy-saving effect by recycling “waste ice” and crushed ice. To maximize the reduction of power consumption, how to better save electricity is a problem that is plagued by large ice-making factories. I hope that after reading this article, large-scale ice-making plants can better realize power saving and produce more high-quality ice. The block is for everyone to use.
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