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Evaporative condenser for ice machine and evaporator for flake ice machine
Source: 2018-10-19 10:27:33
Evaporative condenser
Working principle
The working principle of the evaporative condenser is that the high-temperature steam that needs to be condensed is sent into the coil from the upper portion of the heat exchange coil, and the high-temperature steam releases heat in the heat exchange coil, and after being cooled, the phase change condenses into a liquid. The circulating spray water is used as a cooling medium outside the heat exchange coil, so that the water is evenly sprayed onto the outer surface of the heat exchange coil to form a uniform and moderate water film, and the water film absorbs the heat released by the hot steam in the coil and evaporates. Then, the steam is taken out of the evaporative condenser by the fan to take away the heat inside the coil. The evaporative condenser utilizes the latent heat of evaporation of the spray water, uses the ambient air as the medium, and exchanges the temperature of the ambient wet bulb temperature as the temperature difference, and has the low condensation temperature, large heat transfer temperature difference, sufficient heat transfer, low power consumption, stable performance, etc. advantage.
Evaporator for Flake Ice Machine
Composition of the evaporator
The evaporator of the ice machine is driven by the speed reducer by the ice knife, the sprinkler, the spindle and the water tray, and rotates counterclockwise slowly. The water enters the water distribution tray from the water inlet of the evaporator of the ice machine, and the water is evenly sprinkled on the icing surface through the sprinkling water pipe to form a water film; the water film exchanges heat with the refrigerant in the refrigerant flow path, and the temperature is rapidly lowered. A thin layer of ice is formed on the icing surface, and under the squeezing of the ice knives, it is broken into pieces of ice and falls into the ice storage from the falling ice. Part of the water that has not formed into ice passes through the water tray from the water return port to the cold water tank, and is circulated through the cold water circulation pump.
The flake ice machine has been widely used in aquatic products, food, supermarkets, dairy products, medicine, chemistry, vegetable fresh-keeping transportation, marine fishing and other industries. With the development of society and the continuous improvement of people's production level, the industry using ice is becoming wider and wider. The quality of ice is getting higher and higher. The requirements for "high performance", "low failure rate" and "health" of the ice machine are becoming more and more urgent.
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