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What are the precautions for the use of supermarket ice machines?
Source: 2018-10-19 10:32:48
There are a lot of aquatic products in the supermarket that need to use a lot of ice and sell fresh when it is sold. At this time, you need to buy a supermarket ice machine to meet the demand for ice. However, the relevant responsible personnel should learn a few of the following precautions in order to be able to use the supermarket ice machine correctly to carry forward its function.
First, pay attention to control the environmental conditions
In general, the environmental requirements of supermarket ice machines are to avoid dust as much as possible, and they must not be exposed to the sun and rain in the room. At the same time, the supermarket ice machine manufacturer should have a little space around the installation location so that the air can circulate, so that the heat dissipation will be better. Also note that the ambient temperature should be between 5 and 40 degrees. You need to avoid ice making at too high a temperature.
Second, pay attention to solve the heat problem
First of all, the supermarket ice machine must be placed on a stable platform, and then the machine should be adjusted. The ice machine should be installed on a stable platform, and the anchor screws at the bottom of the machine should be adjusted to ensure the machine is placed horizontally. No noise from ice and running. At the time of installation, the location around the supermarket ice machine, especially against the wall, should be separated by 15 cm, which is good for heat dissipation and is of great help to the future use of the equipment.
Third, pay attention to cleaning and disinfection and other maintenance work
Usually, after the supermarket ice machine is used up, the excess water inside will be cleaned every time, but even if it is done every day, after a long time, there will be scale and other things inside the sink. However, supermarket ice machine manufacturers emphasize that cleaning and disinfection should be done once every six months, and there should be an advanced operation if it is not used for a long time.
The above are several aspects of the precautions for the use of the supermarket ice machine. In addition, it should be noted that during the handling process, it should be handled with care, and the equipment should not be vibrated violently to prevent the parts inside from being damaged. After the installation is completed, it should wait a few hours before turning on the ice machine, which is very helpful for its maintenance.
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